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An eTOURER Cycling Holiday

Unlike my fellow travellers who’ve ridden bikes all their lives, I only learnt to ride about 5-6 years ago, which allowed me to join them on trips throughout the Loire Valley in France.

However, being able to keep up with them while still enjoying the ride has only been made possible by using the eTourer M1 e-bike. E-bike? E-asy! Even my friends commented on how cool and relaxed I looked on it! Now I understand how riders throughout Europe cruise along their paths and roads laughing, talking and taking in the scenery in such an effortless manner.

As soon as we set out on Day 1, the M1 glided up hills and along the path effortlessly. The control buttons within easy reach on the left handle made changing power assist levels simple. Mostly I got away using level 1 or 2, but I switched to 3 going up the hills or riding into the wind.

My friends had to push themselves hard while I took it nice and easy; very amusing as I’m usually left miles behind on hills! It made a huge difference in my level of enjoyment. In fact, I don’t think I’d have made it on a normal bike.

The M1’s seat was easily adjustable – height, tilt and forwards/backwards. Along with the great suspension, this e-bike’s ‘Go Anywhere’ big, fat wheels made for a more comfortable ride! However, having no water bottle holder is a drawback, as it did not come with a drink bottle carrier, though one could be added. Some of the other bikes in the range come with a pannier carrier, which would serve the dual purpose of extra carrying space and serve as a mudguard.

Most days we averaged around 45-50kms, but the battery level was only ever 1/3 to 1/2 depleted. Charging it was easy, and refitting the battery was as simple as reattaching a vacuum cleaner. Having a key to unlock the battery also gave an added layer of security.

I’ve wanted to use an e-bike for a while now, and I will certainly be using one again – in fact, we’re planning our next ride at the moment! So, for prospective users, my advice is to give the M1 a try! Once you’ve ridden it, you’ll be wishing for one every ride!

Sue, customer

Australian Cycling Holidays, Leongatha VIC