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Say G'day to the new eTourer

The 3 Day G’DAY18 Conference was the perfect platform for the soft launch of eTourer, Coast to Coast’s new electric bike range. More than 400 people from caravan parks across the country came together on mass in Adelaide: A beautiful city, incredible people and the start of a whole new adventure.

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G’DAY18 was Discovery Parks and Top Parks 2018 national conference. An amazing gathering of people who are all about providing good times and great memories for holiday makers. eTOURER was a fantastic addition to the Discovery and Top Parks very selective list of suppliers and if the positive feedback was anything to go by, eTourer and holiday parks are the perfect fit.

Held at the recently upgraded Adelaide Oval, the venue had been transformed for the event with holiday park theming and welcoming G’Day’s everywhere. Yellow footprints marked the path to the Camp Kitchen and the exhibition area. The G’DAY team had arranged a smart phone App to help organise and capture the event via a social media news feed.

And suddenly, eTourer was launched. All the delegates were keen to check out the eTOURER bikes, being the new kids on the block. Interest in the range varied from a desire to utilize an E-Bike for personal use to the vision of offering a hirable fleet to adventuring holiday makers. The resounding theme of the response was unequivocally, “WOW! They look incredible”. Even the other exhibitors were interested in the bikes and came to chat with their own lines of enquiry. Unfortunately, test rides were a no-go at this conference, but gave us great ideas for the set up at future conferences and demonstrations.

Some of the common questions we received included the charging time; which is only 3-5 hours. How far they can take you, which at fully charge is around 40-50km – ideal for getting out of the caravan park onto an adventure, or even just to duck up to the shops without having to pack up your vehicle. Their suitability to off-road use was also popular, and the M1 and C1’s Anti Puncture tyres are perfectly equipped for dirt bike tracks. How much they weighed; around 25kg, but the eTOURER bikes come with a walk-assist feature, allowing you to walk alongside them while they drive themselves beside you at walking pace.

On the final day, it came time to give away two eTOURERs - an M1 Mountain bike and a S1 Step Through bike. These fabulous prizes have found new homes with Melanie Diffey and Jools Barrows– congratulations guys! We’re sure they’ll be put to great use at the Great Aussie Holiday Park, and the Barossa Valley Holiday Caravan Park! Perhaps you’ll see Jools leisurely touring on the S1 around the 150 wineries that spread throughout the Barossa Valley, some only 2km from the Barossa Valley Park. Or maybe, you’ll find Melanie on the M1 conquering the new cycling path at the Hume Hovel Track – easily accessible from the Great Aussie Holiday Park.

Thrilled by the response from the G’DAY Group, we are truly excited for the future of eTOURER.

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