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Electric bikes are growing in popularity, but until now have only been available through elite bike manufacturing brands for serious cyclists.

Now, there is an affordable, high quality electric bike specifically configured for Australian conditions. eTOURER.

eTOURER exists to enable the everyday cyclist access to electric bike technology without the high price tag. Whether it’s to cover twice the distance with half the effort or to reignite your love of the downhills, eTOURER is an affordable high-quality electric bike now available in Australia. Developed by one of Australia’s most established leisure accessory suppliers, eTOURER is a no fuss, reliable electric bike designed for exercise, commuting or just simply helping you get from A to B.

eTOURER assimilates the latest Shimano gearshift technology with a durable frame to deliver an unparalleled riding experience – smooth robust and fast-paced. The eTOURER range of powerful 250-watt motors gently propels you forward with a leveled pedal-assist riding system.

Accelerate your commute or take your leisure rides to new levels of comfort and adventure, eTOURER is Australia's newest reliable, affordable electric bike. There are a range of models to suit your needs.

eTOURER is an Australian owned company, with distributors in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

**Our connections to cycling:** Aligned with the group of companies that brought you the GreenEdge cycling team, eTOURER has evolved from the minds of cycling enthusiasts, with a desire to make cycling accessible to all.

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